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White Stuff Femme

White Stuff from the UK is a men’s and women’s brand that is sometimes slightly quirky, sometimes slightly eccentric but always stylish in its own way.  White Stuff will always make sure you are on trend but will firstly always listen to its customers and its needs. They stand for creative inspiration, innovation and passionate effort.  Overall, White Stuff is all about giving customers the confidence to express their personalities whatever their lifestyle and life stage.

Your sales representatives

Julie Wolfe (Quebec)
(514) 287-9494 Ext.203
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Meagan Mainville (Western Canada)
(647) 980-8672
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Anne Hagerty (Ontario)
The Apparel Studio
63 Wingold Ave, Suite 204
Toronto, ON M6B 1P8
(416) 351-9942 Ext 103

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