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Partners testimonials

Crocus & Ivy, Regina

Melanie Mclean Agency is a delight to work with.  Her team from Sales (Meagan) to Customer Service (Jenny) and everyone in between are there to make our job easier - and they do.  Melanie's collections are, 1st and foremost beautifully designed and lovely to wear.  She has curated a very well thought out collection for us to buy.  Love what Melanie McLean's Agency represents in fashion and business.


Crocus & Ivy, 4065 Albert Street, Regina, AB

Ohh!! Beautiful Things

“Melanie McLean Agency is by far the best agency we have worked with. We were introduced to the agency when one of the lines we carried was moved to Melanie MeLean.  Upon dealing with them we quickly picked up more of their lines not just for the beautiful quality of the lines, but because we were so impressed with their exceptional level of customer service.  Any problems or issues we have ever encountered with our deliveries have been resolved quickly – they truly go above and beyond! We always look forward to visiting our rep, Meagan Mainville, who is always friendly and quick to offer honest advice.”

Ohh!! Beautiful Things, 429 Brant Street, Burlington, ON

Boutique La Flânerie

'' Agence Melanie Mclean is caracterised by its friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  On top of their professional and likeable atitudes, the sales team is always there to take care of us. They offer us lines that are chosen carefully and that are exclusive.  In brief, it's place where we love to go!''

La Flânerie team, 3075 Côte Rosemont, Trois-Rivières, QC

Boutique Daniel St-Onge

“ Congratulations to Melanie Mclean Agency’s team and to her president for the discovery of their beautiful collections. Consistency, fidelity and professionalism are the key elements to their success. It’s always a pleasure to see you ladies. ”

Daniel - Boutique Daniel St-Onge, 195 Victoria street, Valleyfield, QC


“ As a small boutique owner, I love working with Agence Melanie Mclean! They are such a lovely, trustworthy group and take a great pride in keeping their customers happy. To top that off....they carry the most beautiful quality lines that are simply gorgeous! It's been a pleasure working with them over the last 6 years... Thanks girls. ”

Michele - Blush, 38 Quebec Street, Guelph, ON

Delilah. In The Glebe.

“ When we step into Melanie Mclean agency, the girls are positive, dynamic and proud of what they offer. They are creative and always on the search of new ideas. They are known for listening to their customer’s needs. ”

Eva – Delilah. In The Glebe, 791 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON

Boutique Scarlett

“ At Melanie Mclean Agency, we are always well welcomed by the team. We are in a pleasant environment and it feels like a family. If it’s not Melanie ensuring we are ok, than another team member will do so. It’s easy to work with Catherine, she is very qualified. ”

Alexandra – Boutique Scarlett, 455 Principale street, Lachute, QC


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